Happy New Year

So it is now 2008! Seems not all that long ago that we were all wondering what would become of us come Y2K. Of course, we thought the disaster lurking around the corner was in our technological infrastructure, but as it turns out the real disaster was George W. Bush, who would “win” the presidential election that year. I could list the many, many ways our country and our planet have been degraded because of this man, but I don’t want to get depressed on this first day of a new year. (For those who’d like to see such a list, check this out.)

Finally, however, the Bush reign of terror will be coming to an end. He’s still got another 12 months to dump on our world and — just as his father did by invading Somalia on the eve of the start of the Clinton administration — you just know that this smarmy little frat boy will have something up his sleeve to leave his successor, especially if that successor is a Democrat. Whatever it is, let’s just hope it does not involve a nuclear weapon.

But this post is supposed to be about a “happy” new year, so let me list seven things I’m looking forward to in 2008.

  1. The summer Olympics will be held in China.
  2. The sports world will be watching to see if the Patriots can complete the NFL season 19 and 0 as Super Bowl champions. Should make for an interesting playoff season.
  3. The Red Sox will be trying to repeat as World Series champions.
  4. The presidential race will be over by the first week of November (hopefully!) and we will get a respite from the insipid commentary from the corporate media about primaries, and John Edwards’ haircut, and Hillary Clinton’s laugh — at least for a few months before they start focusing on the 2012 primaries a month after the new president is inaugurated.
  5. Get Smart the movie, starring Steve Carell as Maxwell Smart, will be released in June.
  6. The first day of spring-like weather (I look forward to this every year).
  7. And, most important, I will be married for the first time in my 51 years.

Be well, prosper and remember to be a good steward of the planet earth this year.



  1. heehee!

    let’s see….I’ll counter you with my list of seven.


    If all goes well, my goal to move out to portland oregon, and live with three close friends of mine will prove fruitful, and I’ll move out about july.

    my sister gets married in june!!!! *so happy for her*

    my mom gets married in septemberish? *also mega happy for her*

    bush gets ousted. bout damn time… I would so love for him to appologise to the iraqi tell em he was a fuck tard and accept the full blame, in hopes that peace can be formed. that’d be cingular good thing for him to do.

    I believe that my closest friend will be moving out of a poor living conditions, under a witch of a land lord, and i get to repay all he’s done for me, by helping him move out. I intend to make sure I’m a big help. he’s got a lotta stuff to move. and i happen to be good at moving out. *looks askance guiltily*

    so far, I’ve held down a job for almost two months. I look foreward to building a career foundation, and move up a rung on the ladder of success, by the barest margins of actually maintaining steady employment.

    and on a note of joy…I got the best christmas gift ever! a good friend of mine bought me a very good digital camera! a Canon XTi very nice piece of equipment.

    *will be taking lots an lots of good pictures for da upcoming weddings*

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