Tears for Fears

The outcome of tomorrow’s New Hampshire primary probably won’t determine who the nominees will be, but it will likely weed out a few more of the candidates. I have given money to support the candidacy of Bill Richardson, though I never expected him to have a chance to carve his way into the media’s consciousness — and consequently into America’s. Whoever becomes our next president will be inheriting a shit storm. Richardson is by far the most qualified candidate for president from either party. He served in Congress for 14 years, was Secretary of Energy, U.N. Ambassador and Governor of New Mexico. But, of course, experience doesn’t mean a thing to the beltway media, who like to focus on haircuts and cackles and anything but substance and policy.  ABC News did have a report on Richardson today… about how he ran into Chelsea Clinton at a diner in New Hampshire:

While seeing the two together may have been the high point of the Richardson’s visit for many members of the media, it was far from the end of Richardson’s time in Portsmouth.  Richardson has based his campaign on a grass roots, shake-every-hand-in-the-state mentality. 

And while it didn’t get him into the top three in Iowa, he is still determined to make it work for him in New Hampshire.  His goal for the day: shake 2000 hands, and by his own count he was half-way there when he pulled out of Portsmouth.  [Emphasis added.]

Apparently, Richardson has no policies, just handshakes to offer.

I’ve been down on Hillary for some time now, but I’m beginning to feel some sympathy for her because of the hostility of the media. Is there any more stupid and vapid group of people on the planet than the pack of dullards who report on the campaign?

Today Hillary teared up at a campaign stop. From the reaction, you’d think that most people thought she was a robot and not a person. Well, why should we have thought of her as a person based upon the coverage we’ve seen of her?

Still, why is it even a story that she teared up. What did she say about her priorities as President? What are her positions on important issues? Who knows? Who cares?

I think I’m going to cry.


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