A few observations about the Oscars

I haven’t posted in a bit, so I thought I’d just check in and toss out a few observations about the Academy Awards.

  1. Jon Stewart did a good job hosting. He was funny and not fawning. I especially enjoyed his wry skewering of the concept of watching movies on an iPhone.
  2. It doesn’t surprise me that this year’s Oscars telecast was low rated. Look at the films that were vying for prizes. Other than Juno, they were all downers. And few of the nominated actors (beside George Clooney) stir up much enthusiasm. People need a rooting interest to sit through a four-hour TV show.
  3. Whoopi Goldberg cried because she felt snubbed at not being included in one of the gazillion montages. First of all, she was included in the montage of winning actresses. Second of all, give me a break! Hollywood!
  4. What happened to all the politics and controversy that surrounded the Oscars ceremony when I was a kid? George C. Scott refused his award, an Indian woman accepted on behalf of Marlon Brando, some moron streaked the stage behind David Niven. I mean, you just didn’t know what would happen. That was part of the fun. The last time anyone said anything controversial was Michael Moore when he accepted the best documentary award for Fahrenheit 911… and he was booed.
  5. What the fuck was Miley Cyrus doing up there? Miley Cyrus?! I didn’t even know who she was until a couple of weeks ago. My guess is she’s staring in some Disney Film and the studio leaned on the network to include her. Same with the Rock.
  6. I didn’t see three of the five nominees for best picture. I did see Juno and Michael Clayton. Juno was fun to watch, but it was so lightweight. And looking back on the experience, it is easy to see several troubling things. First, Diablo Cody clearly hates men. Second, I was bothered by the depiction of the abortion clinic as a place for neurotics. Finally, teen pregnancy really is not something to celebrate with comedic glee. So I was sad when Diablo Cody won for best original screenplay over Tony Gilroy, who wrote the far superior Michael Clayton.
  7. Was it just my imagination or was Diablo Cody not wearing underwear?

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