Impeachment. Spitzer or Bush?

Among the many issues stirred up by the Spitzer melodrama is that it clearly demonstrates why Democrats should have pushed hard for impeachment of George Bush last year. The GOP in New York have already threatened Spitzer with impeachment. Think about it — the GOP are saying (rightly so) that a governor who betrays his state as Spitzer has done does not deserve to be in office. They said it fast and they said it hard. Compare that to the pussy footing of the Democrats about the actions of George Bush. Bush lied our way into a disastrous war that has cost thousands of American lives, tens of thousands (even possibly hundreds of thousands) of innocent Iraqi lives, and trillions of dollars. Bush has broken the law (illegally eavesdropping on U.S. citizens), thumbed his nose at the Constitution (refusing to comply with Congresses Constitutionally mandated oversight function), has broken international treaties that were ratified by his country (torture), and used the Justice Department to finagle the outcome of elections. Anyone of these perfidies is impeachable. Yet the Democrats refused to act. And what are the messages this sends: 1. That paying a prostitute for sex is worse than shitting on the Constitution; and 2. That the Democrats have no moral compass whatsoever. Once again, I say shame on them.


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