Debate or debacle?

I don’t get TV. By that I mean I don’t receive it (although it may well be true that I don’t GET IT either). I live in the country and do not receive any broadcasts over the airwaves, cable hasn’t reached us yet, and from what I’ve seen of satellite TV it is 400 channels of which 395 are pure shit.

So I didn’t watch this week’s so-called debate between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, moderated by George Stephanopoulos and Charlie Gibson. But from all that I’ve read it sounds as if it was the perfect symbol of the new lows to which political journalism have sunk. Check out these reviews from some very smart people:

Perhaps the most sickening aspect of this whole affair is that the journalists keep telling us that spending nearly an hour on frivolous topics like Obama’s “bitter” comment is what WE (the American people) want. See Stephie’s comment here, and David Brooks’ comments here. That’s complete twaddle. I don’t care about this crap and neither do most Americans, I’d wager. That the mainstream media thinks so is more a reflection of their degeneration than anything else. Actually, it is a result of their complete sloth. It is easier to report on those kinds of issues than to actually do reporting. All the way around, however, it is insulting and it is damaging to the entire political process. (And, no, I don’t think it is good even if the sniping is between Republicans — although rarely does the media actually report on that — though I must admit I do enjoy it.)

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