Replay This!

On Sunday night, Carlos Delgado of the Mets hit a homerun. The home plate umpire over-ruled the the third base umpire’s call that the ball was fair, and instead of a homerun, the ball was just a long foul. Video clearly showed that the home plate umpire was wrong. Read about it here.

This, of course, led to a chorus of calls for major league baseball to incorporate instant replay for such situations. THIS IS A BAD IDEA!

  1. It would slow down a game that’s already overly long.
  2. Even a limited instant replay rule will eventually intrude into the sport more and more.
  3. The idea of trying to eliminate human error from baseball is ludicrous. Human error occurs on every play — and not just by the players on the field. How about the grounds keeper who accidently leaves a divit in the field which then causes a bad hop? How about the manager who makes the wrong decision? How about the player who stays out too late the night before a game and consequently has a bad performance? Human error is part of the game.
  4. The most important reason is that the umpires need to be decisive on the field. If they start having instant replay as a crutch, they will lose that confidence and that decisiveness. You’ve seen that in the NFL, you know you have.

And speaking of the NFL, can anyone honestly say that the game has improved with instant replay? I certainly do not think so. The officiating has gotten worse. The game comes to a complete stop while they check the video, and then we have to watch the play over and over and over again while listening to the announcers analyze it to death… and half the time what they predict doesn’t even happen. “No way they can overturn the ruling on the field.” And what happens? They overturn the ruling on the field. Because even in viewing instant replay, human error occurs.

Instant replay is the worst thing to happen to football since they invented the Super Bowl halftime show.

Baseball can turn on a missed ball or strike call as much as it can turn on a home run called foul. On a two-strike count, the home plate umpire calls a close pitch a ball and the batter hits a home run on the next pitch. You know you’ve seen this happen a few times. Isn’t the non-strike call just as significant? Of course it is.

No. Instant replay sucks and it doesn’t belong in any sport. Please stop this nonsense before it goes any further!

However, I was thinking about instant replay and wondering how we might apply it to politics and our government. Wouldn’t it be great if we could review the past eight years on tape, then go back to the Supreme Court and have them overturn there own ruling making George W. Bush president? That would be a useful application of instant replay. Sigh!


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