Un-balanced Reporting

Hillary Clinton put her foot in it the other day when she referenced Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination in response to a question about why she was not conceding the Democratic nomination to Obama. Make of that what you will; however, her faux pas did lead to an amazing — but oh so revealing — comment from some dumb ass named Liz Trotta on Fox News. In criticizing Hillary for being stupid and insensitive, she accidentally said “Osama” instead of “Obama” and then, in correcting herself, wistfully said we could only be so lucky if they both were assassinated… She REALLY said that. Watch it here.

I can not imagine any other piece of video portraying more clearly the depths of Fox News. This woman is supposed to provide “Fair and Balanced” commentary about the political process. Not only does she equate Barack Obama with Osama bin Laden — which would demonstrate all by itself that she was anything but fair and balanced — she then goes on to wish for Obama’s assassination. And — notice — instead of outrage, the host of the program responds with a joke, “Tell us what you really think!” Har, har!

Is it possible that this woman can ever work in news again? Of course. Right-wing nut-jobs can say whatever they want, no matter how odious, and get away with it. In fact, she’ll probably sign a big book contract and get her own Fox talk show.


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