Follow the money…

If you have any doubt that House Democrats who changed their positions on Telecommunications Amnesty did it for any reason other than pure self-interest should check out this report by (Money and Politics).

88 percent of the Dems who changed to supporting immunity (83 Dems of the 94) received PAC contributions from Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint during the last three years (Jan. 2005-Mar. 2008).

Those Democrats in the House who voted against amnesty for law-breaking telecomms received half the money that those voite for amnesty received. Can there be a clearer case made for the pollution of money in our political system?

But I am glad to say there is at least one Democrat in the Senate who has the ethics and courage to stand up against the disgraceful actions of his own party. Read this speech by Christopher Dodd of Connecticut. It’s long but read it all, because he very eloquently lays out what this fight is all about. That his own party would ignore this impassioned plea is all the more reason to hold them in the utmost contempt.


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