Senate bows to Bush, approves surveillance bill

The title of this blog entry is the headline in this AP story. I have no doubt that one of the reasons the Democrats in the Senate (and earlier in the House) decided to support this awful measure is that they wanted to look strong on terrorism, especially in an election year.

This AP story has several misleading statements–one of which is that this bill was a compromise, and a second of which is the idea that somehow national security will be endangered if the bill isn’t passed. But take a good look at it. Do the Democrats look strong about anything? Do they look principled? In fact, all you see is Bush looking tough and pleased with HIS victory. 

Really, the headline says it all.

I can see the right’s point when they say they don’t want a Democrat as commander-in-chief. Their experience of Democrats is that they ARE appeasers. They’ve done nothing but appease Bush since they took control of BOTH houses of congress. Meanwhile, George Bush gets away with breaking the law and he simply thumbs his nose at the weak-kneed Democrats in Congress.


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