Bush White House evades responsibility yet again!

Republicans and George Bush like to talk about personal responsibility, especially when it involves illegal imigrants and people who rely on welfare, but Bush and his administration have been exceptionally adept at evading responsibility for anything. We have another perfect example in this report from Congress about the incidents surrounding the death of Pat Tillman and the capture and rescue of Jessica Lynch. While the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, which issued the report, is too circumspect to come right out and say their efforts to get to the truth were hampered by stone-walling at the very highest levels of government, that implication is made very clear. Here is the concluding paragraph of the report:

The pervasive lack of recollection and absence of specific information makes it impossible for the Committee to assign responsibility for the misinformation in Corporal Tillman’s and Private Lynch’s cases. It is clear, however, that the Defense Department did not meet its most basic obligations in sharing accurate information with the families and with the American public.

If, like me, you find it hard to believe that people who were all too glad to turn Pat Tillman into a poster boy of patriotism when he enlisted in the Army in 2002 are unable to recall discussing his shocking fraticide, then the only conclusion you can reach is that these folks are all liars — and that includes top military officials. One more piece of evidence that the military is run by the ethically challenged.

And, of course, we know that Bush and his bunch of henchmen are continually eluding responsibility for anything, as they did once again here. Interesting from a man who said, “America is a nation of personal responsibility where people are expected to meet their obligations” when he signed the law making it harder for Americans to declare personal bankruptcy.

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