Bush administration malfeasance

Last year after Vermonters pushed hard for congressman Peter Welch to call for the impeachment of George Bush, Welch and the rest of Vermont’s congressional delegation asked us to be patient. The three issued this joint statement:

Currently, for the first time since President Bush has been in office, there are a number of investigations taking place regarding the actions of the Bush administration, including how and why we invaded Iraq, no-bid contracts, the firing of U.S. attorneys by the attorney general, the assault on constitutional rights and the use of Republican Party emails in the White House. Before we talk about impeachment, it is imperative that these investigations be allowed to run their course and we should then follow wherever the facts lead.

Well, it has been 14 months since that statement was released and there is absolutely no evidence that the Democratic majority in the House or Senate is going to do a damn thing about any of Bush’s wrong doing. In fact, just the opposite is true — Pelosi, Reid and company have actually helped cover-up one of the worst cases of illegal White House activity.

Now the online magazine, Slate, has issued this interactive guide to all the possible Bush administration malfeasance. Perhaps Slate should forward this information to Congress. It might speed their “investigations.”


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