Bush is NOT Batman!

Some Wall Street Journal writer is trying to draw parallels between Batman and George W. Bush! Ha!

The fact that they are both fictional characters might be the only thing they actually do have in common. That and the fact that they both come from privileged backgrounds. Here are seven ways that George W. is NO Batman (AKA Bruce Wayne):

  1. Batman actually puts his ass on the line fighting bad guys, while George W. has always let others do his fighting for him.
  2. Bruce Wayne wears a costume to remain anonymous. George W. put on his costume (i.e. a flight suit) to garner phony glory.
  3. Bruce Wayne spends gobs of his OWN money doing good. George W. spends gobs of other people’s money for dubious reasons.
  4. Bruce Wayne has the faithful Alfred. Geroge W. has Dick Cheney.
  5. In Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne refuses to be judge and executioner of an accused murderer. This puts him at odds with Ra’s Al Ghul. George W. is THE DECIDER.
  6. Batman works night and day fighting crime. George W. has been on vacation one third of his time as president.
  7. Batman’s adversary is The Joker. George W. is a joke.

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