No energy left!

This humorous clip from the Daily Show will not only have you laughing out loud, it also points out one of the most common disconnects in the discussion about energy policy. Toward the end of the clip, we see John McCain pandering to an audience of several thousand motorcyclists in Sturgis, S.D.  This is after we’ve seen McCain claim that new off-shore oil drilling is essential for reducing our Middle East oil dependence. McCain urges the motorcyclists to rev their engines… a complete waste of gasoline with absolutely no purpose other than creating a sound bite for the evening news. That McCain and his handlers can’t see the hypocrisy of the whole spectacle is not surprising. Americans talk about energy issues, but no one is actually willing to make the sacrifices needed to reduce our fossil fuel consumption.

On another note, doesn’t McCain look uncomfortable up on that stage? Deep in his heart he knows what a phony he is, standing there pandering to that audience.

By the way, this clip also has two revealing factors about Obama. First, it shows that he continues to flip flop on issues, backing away from the progressive stances he took during the primaries by now supporting “limited” off-shore drilling. And, second, how the media jumps on only one tiny aspect of his released energy plan to belittle it: keeping car tires properly inflated. Once again, the major American media get down on their knees for the conservatives.


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