More high crimes…

The claim in Ron Suskind’s new book that the Bush administration manufactured evidence to support its claims that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction are troubling but hardly surprising. Now Scott Ritter has written of his own experience with such an incident. He tells the story of a former Iraqi WMD scientist he identifies as “Mohammed” who was brought to a secret meeting with U.S. operatives, one of whom said to him, “George Bush is in trouble. Our people did not find any WMD in Iraq. Can you help us?”

Ritter the writes:

In my extensive dealings with him, Mohammed has never lied to me or exaggerated about events he was personally involved in. His story establishes a pattern of behavior which shows how the Bush administration, especially when operating in the form of small, ideologically motivated teams functioning outside the norms and conventions of the mainstream, was able to consider (in Mohammed’s case) manufacturing data and circumstances to bolster its false case for invading Iraq, and (per author Ron Suskind) actually manufacture such data and circumstances. I trust Mohammed. And so I am willing to believe Suskind and his sources about similar cases of fraud, this time in the form of the CIA’s manufactured Mukhabarat document.

Of course, one wonders why Ritter would have waited this long to tell Mohammed’s story if he believed it in the first place. Perhaps it is because he didn’t expect anyone else to believe it until it was supported by Ron Suskind’s claims.

I don’t know if any of these claims are true, but I’m also FAR from sure that they are untrue. It is truly time for Nancy Pelosi to get off her ass and begin the impeachment process NOW. If this malfeasance did occur, it needs to be punished, no matter how politically inconvenient it might be.


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