Palin… Who?

The choice of Sarah Palin as a running mate tells us that all John McCain cares about is being elected. He is cynically calculating that because Palin is a woman disgruntled Hillary supporters will vote for him — even though Palin is ardently anti-choice. It tells us John McCain is Johnny Status Quo… because Sarah Palin is nearly as embedded in the oil industry as is George Bush. (See here.) It tells us his judgment can’t be trusted — if I were a journalist my first question to McCain would be, “Do you really believe Sarah Palin is qualified to become president?” Of course he’d say yes. Then we would know that he is either delusional, or he is a liar. Because Palin is NOT qualified to be president. She has no international political experience of any kind. She has no national political experience of any kind. She has two years state-level political experience. Before that she was mayor of a town of 8,000 people. PLEASE. With John McCain’s age, it is certainly within the realm of possibility that he become unable to fulfill the duties of president, and then the country will fall into the hands of Sarah Palin! A woman, by the way, who believes that creationism should be taught in science classes.

My respect for John McCain continues to plummet.



  1. At first glance everyone thought that McCain was getting Palin to sway Hillary voters, but even one of Obama’s campaign managers said that wasn’t the actual reason and people shouldn’t think that McCain is that stupid. He did it to pop Obama’s “change” bubble and show that someone who has proven by experience that they have gone against the mold and made change, instead of talk about it. Palin has done that. Not to mention, Palin is the ultimate outsider and has done more in her two years of office than Obama could dream.

    Take a second glance at McCain’s strategy. You even proved it to yourself that Palin won’t convince Hillary voters just because she’s a woman. I think people are jumping to conclusions that aren’t based on fact.

  2. Palin is a clone of George Bush — big state governer with no national or international experience, Christian, oil-biz insider. I don’t think she’s going to burst any kind of “change” bubble.

  3. Read Fact Check before you repeat the lies that people are saying about Palin.

    Yes… i believe that BOTH candidates are over stretching the truth, and also LYING a LOT!!!

    But be smart!!!
    Look for trusty sources.
    Don’t fall prey to the repetition republicans and democrats speak. Lately, I hear everybody quoting word for word why I should vote for … obama… and mccain…

    And everybody repeats sections of their speech…

    “McCain voted with bush 90%… blah blah… Not change. more of the same… blah blah”

    “Obama is gonna raise taxes. He is a celebrity not a leader. blah blah…”

    And stupid jerks say Obama is a muslim. McCain is too old…

    As if religion or age has anything to do with the mess we are in right now.

    Go to:

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