More on Palin… George Bush with ovaries

Here’s a very interesting letter from a resident of the city of Wasilla, Alaska, where Sarah Palin was mayor. Now we know a little bit more about Ms. Palin, such as:

  • She couldn’t handle the job of mayor of a city with a sub-10,000 population without hiring an administrator to help her.
  • In typical Bush mode, she gave tax benefits to the wealthy and powerful corporations, while increasing the tax burden on everyone else.
  • She’s pro oil industry in the battle over protecting our rich environment.
  • She uses her political power to oust people who disagree with her.
  • When she became mayor of Wasilla, the city had zero debt. Upon her vacating the office, the town had a debt of $22 million.
  • She’s intollerent of ideas that don’t agree with her sense of reality.

This all sounds similar to George Bush. On a broader canvas, just consider that Palin has no national or international experience; is the governor of a large (in area) state; has (at least) one unruly teenage daughter; is a fundamentalist, anti-choice Christian; and is an oil-industry insider. Other than the latitude and the ovaries, Palin could be George Bush before his campaign for president. Don’t tell me Johnny Status Quo is a maverick. I don’t buy it. And if he thinks Palin is qualified to be president, he has no business questioning the readiness of Barack Obama.


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