Is Palin the worst candidate ever?

What can someone say after last week’s performance by Sarah Palin during her interview with Katie Couric? Even Tina Fey’s remarkable impersonation couldn’t really do justice to Palin… because Fey can’t completely hide the fact that she’s smart. Palin, though, seemed completely ignorant of the basics of foreign policy and the domestic economy, the two subjects most on the minds of Americans this election. I can’t recall any performance by any candidate for national office that was this bad during his/her first major interview. She was so bad, so ill-prepared that she’s garnering sympathy from even hard-core liberal commentators. And, as James Fallows points out, if she even makes one coherent point during her debate with Joe Biden, the press is going to focus on how she beat expectations… they pulled the same crap with Bush vs. Gore eight years ago. Bush didn’t come across as nearly as bad as people thought he might, so, even though Gore clearly had a firmer grip on all the issues, all the press could talk about was how Bush did better than expected. That the expectations for Palin in her upcoming debate are so low — could they be lower? — she is bound to do better, and then it will be presented by the idiot press as a victory.

So, once again, taking the low road may pay off for the Republicans. Americans seem to have an unlimited tolerance for ignorance.

Still, if the press were truthful, what we would be hearing now all across the media is that Sarah Palin is the most unqualified individual ever to run for national office, at least in our era. But you won’t hear that from the “liberal media.” No sir.


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