I was wrong about McCain

I was wrong about John McCain. When he selected Sarah Palin as his running mate, I thought he would no longer be able to claim that Obama doesn’t have enough experience to be president. After all, if he thought Palin experienced enough to be backup prez… well, you get my drift. What I hadn’t counted on was that McCain would just flat out lie and expect us to believe it. But that’s just what he is now doing. Check out this interview with the Des Moines Register (to see the part about Palin’s qualifications, you’ll need to scroll through the thumbnails to the seventh section). Notice two things: First, one of Palin’s qualifications to be president is that she was on the PTA. Second, McCain has to repeat the fact that she was governor and mayor several times just to make her resume sound fuller. What a joke!

One comment

  1. We have so many problems related to foreign policy right now. Palin reportedly didn’t have a passport until last year. How can she possibly make ojective decisions regarding other countries when she’s never left the US? I lived abroad for 5 years and I can tell you unless you’ve experienced other countries, you have no idea where they are coming from. You just can’t get that kind of experience from a briefing.

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