Why do Republicans think Americans are stupid?

Have you heard about or seen this ad by Elizabeth Dole? She’s in a tough battle over her North Carolina Senate seat and she is so desperate that she has resorted to pretending her opponent doesn’t believe in God. (Of course, the idea that being an aetheist makes someone unfit for office is itself disgusting.) But the fact is that the ad is just a lie.

Then, of course, there is all the hub bub over Rashid Khalidi from the McPalin campaign. This, too, is a phony issue manufactured just to try to scare people into not voting for Obama. But it raises the question, Why do the Republicans have so little respect for the intelligence of voters? They like to accuse Obama of elitism, but the truth is they simply disdain the average American, believing they can lie their way into the White House. These tactics contain no substance whatsoever. They are not policy related in any way. They are not designed to inform constituents about any issues. They are only sleazy attempts to scare people with lies. Perhaps Republicans are remembering how they lied America into a war with Iraq with phony WMDs! So don’t tell me that a McPalin presidency wouldn’t be a third Bush term. They are the same damn people!


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