Celebrate… then get to work

There are many reasons to celebrate yesterday’s historic victory by Barack Obama (here are three from Glenn Greenwald). But remember that electing Barack Obama the 45th president is only the START of rebuilding America after the disaster that is the George W. Bush administration. Here are some of the most compelling problems bestowed upon us by W:

  1. Staggering national debt.
  2. The Iraq quagmire.
  3. The Afghanistan fiasco.
  4. A teetering economy.
  5. A late, late start tackling global warming.
  6. A crumbling infrastructure.
  7. Tarnished international reputation.

Barack Obama faces greater challenges than any president since Abraham Lincoln. He is going to need the support of the nation and of the Congress. Ah, yes, Congress. Back fully in the hands of Democrats. That can be a big advantage for Obama, or it can be a disadvantage, as Bill Clinton found. But if Congressional Democrats lose heart in the face of the crises we must deal with, I would remind them of what happened to the Democrats in 1994 — those snivelling, spineless pansies who failed to support Clinton. So start screwing up your courage Congress. You are going to actually have to get something done in the next few months.


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