Holding my breath (figuratively, that is)

A few months ago I was very lukewarm about the idea of an Obama presidency, but the man has impressed me with the quality of his campaign. So I am going to cast my vote for Obama/Biden (instead of Nader or some other liberal). Part of this decision is also the result of how truly awful John McCain has been. His campaign is a disgrace; his choice of Sarah Palin is one of those “Are you kidding me?!” inducing actions; he is devoid of ideas; and he has sold out any actual principles that he may one time have had.

No, I do not want John McCain and that homunculus Sarah Palin in the White House.

So, after I cast my vote for Obama, I will be watching the returns with great interest, and I’ll be asking myself, “How can anyone who has actually been conscious during the past eight years possibly vote for a Republican?”

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