Oh, THAT Joe Lieberman!

Early in September, Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut stood before a crowd of ardent Republicans to speak on behalf of John McCain:

Senator Obama is a gifted and eloquent young man who can do great things for our country in the years ahead. But eloquence is no substitute for a record — not in these tough times.

In the Senate he has not reached across party lines to get anything significant done, nor has he been willing to take on powerful interest groups in the Democratic Party.

Contrast that to John McCain’s record, or the record of the last Democratic President, Bill Clinton, who stood up to some of those same Democratic interest groups and worked with Republicans to get important things done like welfare reform, free trade agreements, and a balanced budget.

Governor Sarah Palin, like John McCain, is a reformer who has taken on the special interests and reached across party lines. She is a leader we can count on to help John shake up Washington.

That’s why the McCain-Palin ticket is the real ticket for change this year.

That same Joe Lieberman is about to be rewarded by the people he back-stabbed, the Democratic Party, with the chairmanship of the powerful Homeland Security Committee. As Michael Tomasky explains, this is going to happen because “when you’re elected to the Senate, you don’t assume an office so much as you join a club, a very exclusive club…”

Clearly, the Democratic leadership in the Senate would rather spit in the faces of their faithful supporters than hold one of their own accountable. Think about it, Lieberman said that Barack Obama was not fit to lead this country, especially as commander-in-chief, and now he is going to be responsible for the powerful Senate committee which oversees homeland security. Does this even remotely make sense to anyone but a U.S. Senator? And don’t forget that the Democrats in Lieberman’s state REJECTED him. Doesn’t the party leadership owe it to their own political base to also reject Lieberman?

Well, they don’t think so. Anyone who expects the Democrats to actually enact any liberal legislation is going to be sadly disappointed. That’s the clear message here. The only thing that matters to them is that they appear bipartisan and centrist. Yet they will continue to send out fundraising letters like the one I got today from Democracy for America, which asked me to donate money to help get the Democratic party to the filibuster-proof 60 seats in the U.S. Senate. Why would I waste my money on trying to get that done? Even with that super majority, the U.S. Senate will continue to have nothing but contempt for me and my positions.


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