Caroline Kennedy for U.S. Senate!

I like the idea that Caroline Kennedy might receive the appointment to fill Hillary Clinton’s senate seat. Jane Hamsher, whom I usually agree with, isn’t very excited about the prospect of another Kennedy in Washington. Her objections are not very convincing, frankly. Basically she seems to be saying that Kennedy hasn’t earned the right to this seat, nor has she the qualifications for it. Come on, Jane. The senate sucks! It is riddled with political manipulators. Caroline Kennedy could hardly be worse than the rest of them. And, if any American political family deserves the benefit of the doubt, it is the Kennedys. No other family has sacrificed as much or served their country better.

Also, Caroline’s qualification is that she is an expert on the U.S. constitution. For those of us disgusted by the erosion of our constitutional rights, and the U.S. senate’s condoning of that erosion, Caroline’s passion for the bill of rights and the Constitution will be comforting.

And what’s the worst that can happen? She sucks as a senator and doesn’t get elected to the office in four years.

So I say, Lighten up, Jane. I support Caroline Kennedy for U.S. Senate!


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