Blago’s tool rejected!

Roland Burris carries himself like a man with integrity and character. Perhaps that is how he thinks of himself. But to me, he will only be that guy who allowed himself to be a tool of our latest, and most slimy scoundrel, Rod Blagojevich.

Today the U.S. Senate rejected Burris as he tried to assume the Illinois senate seat vacated by Barrack Obama. Good for them. Really. I just wish they had shown this much backbone in rejecting radical Bush Administration gambits. But that’s another story.

Illinois should be without its second senator until Blago is gone. He is one of the creepiest politicians I’ve ever seen — and isn’t THAT saying a lot? How he could have won an election is a great mystery. The guy oozes more slime than a battered 50-gallon drum in a New Jersey landfill. Seriously. How is it that the state of California could recall its governor when the man did nothing unethical or illegal, but the people of Illinois are stuck with this scabrous coprophiliac? America.


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