Looking for ideas from the private sector

In his weekly, Saturday address, President Obama emphasized the importance of fiscal responsibility and said that among other steps his government would seek advice from the private sector.

“It’s interesting that the White House would look to us for answers,” said Bud Leach, spokesman for the private sector. “We got our best idea from them. It’s called a ‘tax-payer funded bailout’. Works like a charm. For instance, I got my 2009 bonus and a trophy wife, which I picked up used from one of those AIG credit swappers.”

Speaking on behalf of Republicans, Mitch McConnell stated that he wasn’t actually listening to President Obama’s address, but he was pretty sure he opposed everything the President said. “Fiscal responsibility is a Republican buzz phrase, “said the Senator from Kentucky. “Sure, we spent tons of money when we were in charge… but we’re fiscally responsible and the Democrats aren’t so any money WE decide to spend is, by definition, responsibile fiscally, if you know what I mean. Geesh. I can’t believe I still have to explain this to you.”


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