What? Huh!? This is screwy, even for Palin!

I have a nephew who dropped out of college during his first year of medical school. When I asked him why, he responded, “I need this time to prepare for my career as a neurosurgeon.”

Okay, that’s not true. My nephew is only three. But I am making a point about the screwy talk about Sarah Palin’s decision to resign as governor of Alaska. We have to wait and see what her ambitions are, but it seems really, really hard to believe that even a nut-job like Palin could see quitting her job as improving her qualifications for national office, especially the presidency. I think there is more behind this decision than just that. Maybe it’s that she doesn’t find running the state of Alaska much fun anymore, now that she’s getting friction from both sides of the aisle. Maybe her skin is too thin, and she’s tired of media stories like this. Maybe there is some looming ethics issue about to be uncovered.

Here’s my guess: She wants to run for U.S. Senate in 2010, which she views as a stronger springboard to the White House. In doing so, she will be reversing her previous position that she does not intend to challenge incumbent Lisa Murkowski. But Palin has been more than willing to do an about face on her word when it has fit her political ambitions.

I don’t know which I’d prefer. Palin disappearing back into the hole in the ground called Wasilla, or continuing to venture into the national public spotlight. The first would be a relief, and the second would be a lot of fun to watch.

One thing is sure, we should trust Palin when she says Alaska will be better off without her running the show, and bear that in mind should she make a run for the White House 2012.


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