Democratic surrender on health care

Seriously, why do we bother casting votes for Democrats. They just spinelessly throw up their hands and surrender to the Republicans, even when they are in the vast majority!

The Associated Press is reporting that a compromise bill coming from the “bi-partisan” senate committee does NOT include the public insurance option. This matters, because the public option represent much needed competition for the strangle-hold private options. Without the public option, this plan is virtually useless.

Of course, none of this is surprising, as from the start of gaining a majority in the House and Senate, Democrats have been looking for ways to abdicate their responsibilities and run from their promises. The six-person committee which is apparently writing this compromise bill is made up of three Democrats and three Republicans. To this I just have to shout to the Democrats: HEY, ASSHOLES, the country elected you to run the country, not the Republicans!!!

Can you imagine the Republicans ever giving Democrats equal representation over ANY important legislation? They wouldn’t do it when they barely had a majority. They certainly would not do it if they held the kind of majority the Democrats currently have.

This New York Times article lists one Democratic capitulation after another:

  • No public option
  • No mandated employer insurance
  • No tax on the wealthy to help pay for the plan

What is clear is that this committee is really just negotiating the Democratic surrender to the Republicans. What a bunch of gutless losers! Sadly, that’s not even hyperbole.

During the first years of the Clinton presidency, healthcare reform was a major issue. Then, like now, the Democrats controlled the legislature and the White House, and, like now it appears that the Democrats in congress will not support their president on this issue. So, what will happen? Probably just what happened in 1994 — the Democrats will be swept from power. Apparently the brains of today’s Democrats are as shrivelled as their testicles, because they can’t seem to remember that fact.


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