A healthy dose of reality in the health care debate

The Republican noise machine is cranking out some major lies as the GOP and their right-wing-nut allies try to turn health care reform into a wedge issue. This is the right’s typical modus operandi whenever the truth is not on their side — which, not surprisingly, is frequently the case.

But it is nice to see that some media outlets are not buying their bullshit this time. For a dose of reality, see these stories:

  • Steven Pearlstein of the Washington Post writes, “The recent attacks by Republican leaders and their ideological fellow-travelers on the effort to reform the health-care system have been so misleading, so disingenuous, that they could only spring from a cynical effort to gain partisan political advantage.” Read the whole article.
  • NPR aired a story this morning about the Canadian health care system, putting the lie to all the misleading messages from the U.S. health insurance industry and their peons in the Republican party.
  • And James Fallows has been writing on his blog about the notoriously wrong, yet influential Betsey McCaughey.

Let’s hope the rest of the corporate media start paying attention and report the truth, rather than GOP talking points.  But don’t hold your breath.



  1. On March 11th, this year, my wife crashed through the ceiling of my daughter`s recently acquired house, during it`s renovation.

    She broke her back and her right heel. This being the UK, the hospital treatment she received was free. So too, was the raft of equipment supplied to us by the local authority, to ensure all her physical needs were met, and she was as comfortable as possible, during her recovery period.

    Because of the progress she`s making, today I helped the driver carry out that equipment to his van. Tomorrow, someone else will get the benefit of it…free of charge, at the point of use. Of course, in reality it`s paid for by all of us, through our National Insurance contributions. But! Needless to say, we won`t be selling our home to pay for her ongoing treatment at the UK`s North West Centre of Excellence, for Spinal Injury.

    We`re not scroungers. We`ve paid our dues all our working lives. Even though we`re pensioners, we still pay modest amounts of income tax. However, we wont be turned into bankrupt paupers because of this nasty accident.

    Our NHS has taken care of us, admirably!
    Take care

    1. Vic,

      Thank you for the note. I’m glad to hear your wife is recovering. Just dealing with the trauma of an accident like that is bad enough, but to be put into the position of possibly losing one’s home would make it almost unbearable. You’re lucky to live in society where rationality rules. The recent debate over the “public option” for health insurance here in the states demonstrated once again that there are too many lunk-heads and not enough bold politicians running my country.

      Again, I’m very happy to hear that your wife is recovering well.


  2. It ia a very sad commentary that people of privilege distort the truth about about the Canadian Health Care System, and they do so, while having the facts that government does not interfere with any Canadian’s access to care, that there are no waiting list for patients who need immediate care, and still will lie to their fellow Americans. I guess the love of money trumps everything else. Instead of “God Bless America’ It should be ‘God Bless the for pofit Healthcare system. For those who are not insured or underinsured, tuff luck. Survival of the fittest at all cost. Tell it as it really is. It’a about Billions of dollars of profits, that the health care INDUSTRY finds so alluring.

    Francesco Sestito

    Believer in Capitalism and social justice.

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