I miss Bob Newhart…

I was just browsing the Boston.com Fall Television preview

Maybe I’m just getting old and cranky, but this all seems like such crap. My only hope is that there will be a gem somewhere among this crop. But, even if that’s the case, you can be sure it will be cancelled by week three.

Spin offs, remakes, vampires, paranormal activity, cougars and Jay Leno in prime time… four or five nights a week!

Does anything signal NBC’s total surrender to original programming more than The Jay Leno Show?  I was just over at the NBC web site to find out if the show really is on five nights a week in prime time, and I couldn’t find the schedule anywhere. In fact, NBC doesn’t even have a schedule of their programs past a week from now! There’s confidence, huh?

But now I’m thinking maybe this Leno prgram really is kinda smart of the network execs, because instead of having to cancel four or five failed shows, they will only have to cancel one. See, with this one move they reduce their failure rate at the 10 o’clock hour by as much as 400 percent. Shear genius.

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