Soylent Green remake?

My friend Lou, an ardent science fiction fan, alerted me to the fact that a remake of the 1973 Charleton Heston film “Soylent Green” is in the works. This is a movie about a bleak future where the main food is a dollop a day of drab protein called Soylent Green. The movie ends with Chuck’s disturbing discovery that “Soylent Green is people!”

Given that the success of “Soylent Green” was based upon this twist ending, and since everyone already knows that “Soylent Green is people!” Lou and I have been pondering how the new film might add its own twist. We figure the new surprise discovery (probably shouted by Will Smith) will be, “Soylent Green is free-range, organically grown people!”

Or maybe not.



  1. Hi

    While I´m a great fan of the movie, it somewhat lost its focus from the book it was (loosely) based on…

    The book is entirely about overpopulation and it´s economical, social and psychological effects on the masses, and, while there´s starvation, droughts and all kind of diseases, there´s no soylent green on the book.

    The movie twisted this concept to the point that it confuses the wiewer into thinking that that bleak future is a product of some kind of conspiracy, and a result of our misuse of science and technology, not overpopulation.

    even worse, the whole idea of a detective investigating and trying to alert people about the origin of the ONLY food available is simply nonsense, ok, soylent gren is people, now what? we all starve to death?

    It´s a great movie and scared the crap out of me when aI was a kid, but, a decent remake, one that respects more the book would be really welcome.


  2. Soylent green is NOT the only food in the movie, it’s the only good tasting food. “Remember, Tuesday is Greens day!” There were several other Soylent colours, none of which are implicated in the whole “Soylent Green” debacle, and no one freeken liked eating them. Green was everyones favoret, so, yes, they could stop eating it. I figure the next movie has to be about what people do about it after words. I bet we get to the whole “is made of people” bit right away, and the rest of the movie is convincing people that it’s bad to eat people, even if they are VERY tasty.

  3. Soylent Green was only more palatable than Yellow and Red and possible non-mentioned variants of soylent and, probably, those variants were NOT people…

    Soylent Green was a new product, ok.

    But I don´t think there was really a choice of what to eat, the planet is in decay and, even an “evil” corporation would not resort to use people as food if there were any other alternative, probably, the stuff they were using in other soylent products were running out.

    If you read the book it´d be much more clear, the book is all about population increasing and resources decreasing, and, at some point there would be not enough of the later to feed the former.

    So, yes, IMHO they were using soylent green to feed the people because they were running out or soon would be running out of other food.

    The end of the movie with heston try to warn the other is simply Hollywood stupidity, Heston itself said that in an interview, so did the author of the novel

  4. Time to get your heads out of the book and into current research on the extinction of food resources. If anything, this film, if done correctly, will be more relevant than anyone wants to know. For one chilling dollop of information, many of the increasing food allergies we’re seeing is due to the genetic modification of crops. And, more importantly, there is a patent on seeds held by very big corporation that sues farmers that try to anything other than their genetically modified seeds. Soylent Green may be on are tables some day. Personally, I’m going to stick with the Soylent Red.

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