Leadership American Style!

I’m a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, which I always feel I have to justify by adding that I began liking them as a kid 44 years ago. Anyway, that’s just to explain why I read the ESPN blog that focuses on all things Cowboys, and how I came upon this posting about Tony Romo’s emergence as a team leader. I like Tony Romo and I think he has matured into an excellent NFL quaterback.

What struck me as odd — no, odd isn’t the right word, because it actually seems perfectly normal in today’s America. What struck me as somewhat perverse is embodied in this quote from the posting:

Although Romo has since gotten out of the celebrity dating scene, he says he still doesn’t concern himself with presenting a certain public persona. The perception of the people inside Valley Ranch is what matters most to him. “When you’re a quarterback of an NFL team, your teammates and people look to you to see what you’re doing,” Romo said during a promotional appearance for Starter at the Walmart across the street from Cowboys Stadium.

If you don’t know, the celebrity referenced here is Jessica Simpson, and it was construed in Dallas — and around the country, really — that his dating her somehow reflected his leadership skills. While I find that a little absurd, what most strikes me about this is the casual manner in which the author mentions that Romo was at a promotional event taking place at Walmart. So it is perfectly fine to shill for a company (Starter) at a retailer (Walmart) who have each contributed to driving U.S. manufacturing jobs overseas — that this is not a reflection on your leadership skills — but date a celebrity and everyone gets their panties in a bunch! God bless America!


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