NFL’s greatest hits, follow up

Just a quick follow up on my two previous posts (here and here) regarding the new enforcement of hitting rules in the NFL. I was gratified to hear former NFL linebacker and ESPN analyst Tom Jackson basically confirm my thoughts on this during “Countdown to Kickoff” on ESPN Radio this morning. He said players were not using proper tackling technique and that enforcement of the rules will be good for the game.

Also, it has been quite a nice surprise to have had my Butkus post show up on the Freshly Pressed page, eliciting a bunch of comments — probably more for that one post than I’ve gotten total in the three years I’ve kept this blog. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read the post, and for commenting.

For those of you who think tackling properly makes you a sissy, please review that Butkus highlight video.


  1. I won’t allow a greatest hits video. If the NFL attempts it I will raise hell and flood the NFL and government agencies with emails after sending a copy to the congress the players convinced hits are bad. Violent hits in a video for people to watch. The Congress will be so sickened you will thin I replaced it with Cannibal Holocaust, but this is the Armaggeddon the NFL scripted. Now they are labeled a bunch of sissies. Baseball players get impaled but NFL players scream, “No no no please dont hit my helmet.” Anyone who says the league hasn’t changed much never watches the defense. Players are afraid to lower the boom, and those who do, go knees which will cause more problems.

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