Tinderbox redux

It’s been a while since I’ve written about Tinderbox, and I’m not really going to now, except to point out an interesting discussion about Tinderbox going on at the Literature & Latte site (home of the terrific Scrivener). It’s a long thread, one that started over four years ago. If you want to see the most recent comments, skip to page 3.

I’ve not been using Tinderbox as much as I would like, because I’ve made a commitment to PersonalBrain. This is not because I prefer PersonalBrain, but because I spend my work days on a Windows PC, and PersonalBrain is cross-platform. With webBrain — the brain-hosting service from The Brain Technologies — I can keep my MacBook and my work PC synchronized. I like PersonalBrain a great deal. There are aspects of it that are unmatched by any other application. But I think Tinderbox is more powerful, and would prefer to use it — and will when, and if, the promised Windows version is ever released. In the meantime, as I wrote here, PersonalBrain and Tinderbox can be complementary applications. I still dive into Tinderbox when I need to treat my information like a chess opponent.

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