Why I am rooting for the Packers this weekend

Okay, it hasn’t been proven in court, and in the eyes of the law someone is innocent until proven guilty, but I’m entitled to my opinion. And I believe, from what I’ve heard and read (here and here), that Ben Roethlisberger is guilty — at best — of treating women badly, and at worst of being a genuine rapist. He’s the very essence of the over-privileged, wealthy athlete. And I don’t believe he’s changed his ways. Five years ago he flew headlong into a car windshield riding his motorcycle without a helmet. You would think that surviving something like that might make him more human (and smart enough to start using a helmet — but there are reports that he continues to ride with nothing but his brute face to protect that decaying brain). But this is clearly a man who thinks he’s invulnerable to the laws of the land as well as of physics. If he learned anything from last year’s brush with Georgia’s so-called judicial system it is that he can get away with it. Oh, he got a little slap on the wrist from the NFL, which needs to pretend it cares about such things. But if he wins his third Super Bowl on Sunday, there will only be talk of his legacy as a great quarterback. No one will talk about the dark side of Big Ben — that is until he assaults another woman, maybe in a state that has an actual law enforcement agency that cares about the truth.

So I am going to be cheering on the Green Bay Packers this weekend, which, unfortunately, almost assures that they will lose. But better to root for the loser than to cheer for a repulsive creep.


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