Casey Anthony R.I.P.

Casey Anthony

Casey Anthony is destined to live a life alienated from her family, and her only friends will be people who want something from her — money as long as she has it, sex as long as her looks hold out, shared celebrity until the next sensational murder trial comes along. It’s hard to imagine any other future for her. She’ll never get a job. Who, seriously, would marry her? Some crap rag will pay her enough money for her story so that for the short term she’ll be set up — but she isn’t smart enough to do anything with the windfall but piss it away on drugs and alcohol and be ripped off by opportunists. Casey Anthony will probably end up cold and face down in the alley behind some sleazy bar.

I had never heard of Casey Anthony until about a month or so ago when her image kept popping up on the big screen TV in one of my favorite coffee houses. The sound was off, so all I could see were the captions. There seemed to be a lot of interest in whatever it was she was on trial for, so I Googled her and learned the whole sordid story. All I needed was three facts to know Anthony was guilty: 1. Her child was found buried in the woods; 2. Anthony didn’t report her missing for a month; 3. Anthony lied continually to police and her family about the circumstances of the girl’s disappearance. Seriously, what other facts do you need to know to draw the reasonable conclusion that Anthony killed her own daughter?

I wasn’t in the courtroom. I don’t know exactly what the jury heard, what instructions they were given, so I have no intention of vilifying them. The real problem was likely an inept job by the prosecutor and investigators. The burden is on the state to prove guilt, which is as it should be, especially when the state is seeking the death penalty. And it is not like Florida doesn’t enjoy executing its citizens; it ranks fourth in the nation for executions since 1976 (admittedly, a long way behind the champion Texas.) So it is a good thing that even vile people are presumed innocent unless proven guilty.

Casey Anthony is surely a vile person. And, I have no doubt, a murderer. While society will not get justice for her daughter, Anthony will not go unpunished. But it will be the self-imposed punishment of the stupid and venal. I can live with that.



  1. She better get a good plastic surgeon before venturing down to the local Target store…………..cuz she’s gonna have a TARGET on her back!!!

    1. I hope no one attacks Casey Anthony. The point of my blog post was that it isn’t necessary, because she is going to do herself in.

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