It’s okay to laugh in their faces

Republicans have consistently voted down or blocked measures that would protect the environment, citing the damage that would be done to the economy if such measures were passed. For example, Republicans voted NO in June of 2009 on a bill that would have amended the Clean Air Act to help enforcement of limits on CO2 global warming emissions. Here’s the justification, per Republican Representative Bob Goodlatte of Virginia (emphasis added):

I agree that this bill has very important consequences, but those consequences are devastating for the future of the economy of this country… We do not support this kind of suicide for the American economy. Unfortunately, cap and trade legislation would only further cripple our economy.

Funny how these Republicans didn’t care so much about the effect on the economy of their debt-ceiling extortion. I wonder why that could be… maybe these people only have one principle, namely serving the interests of the rich and powerful.

So, next time there is a vote on measures that would help the environment and a Republican votes no because it would adversely impact the economy, it really is okay to just laugh in his or her face.

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