What’s up, Doc?

There may be hope for us after all.

Whether it’s an earthquake, a hurricane or the Tea Party threatening to hit the self-destruct button, the world has started to feel like it is falling apart (and that’s just here on the east coast of the U.S.). But I found hope yesterday listening to MLB Radio on SiriusXM. A pitcher (with the Milwaukee Brewers, I think) was describing the repertoire of another major leaguer and said he has “a Bugs Bunny change-up.”* I couldn’t help but laugh, then thought we can’t be too far down the drain if 20-something professional athletes still use Bugs Bunny as the barometer of an effective pitch?

Bugs Bunny, the glue that will keep America — and even western civilization — together.

*For non-baseball savvy readers, a change-up is a pitch that looks like your fastball, but which you throw slower — also known as an off-speed pitch. Just keeps the hitters guessing. The reference is to the Looney Toons cartoon in which Bugs single-handedly takes on the Gas-House Gorillas. In one inning, he winds up like he is going to throw the fastest pitch possible, but when it leaves his hand, the ball floats slowly to the plate, and he strikes out three batters with that one pitch!


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