Where are the advertisers?

Ever Friday for several years now, I’ve gotten the “Books Update” e-mail from the New York Times — essentially a digital version of the Sunday Book Review. This is a “venerable” e-mail blast, presumably to somewhat upscale, quasi-intellectual people, you would think. Yet the quality of the advertisements that are tacked on have not changed much. Here’s a clip from today:

Books Update

Look at those cheesy ads! These are like the adult version of the scam ads in the backs of comic books I used to laugh at as a kid. “Genuine Replica Colt 45!” “X-Ray glasses” that were supposed to allow you to see beneath girls’ clothing.

What’s going on here? Isn’t digital, online advertising supposed to be where marketing budgets are moving? So why can’t the New York Times Books Update attract higher quality advertisers than penny stocks and mortgage scams? Preparation-H and Dentu-Cream would be a step up.

Anyway, this is just an observation. But if anyone has a good answer, please leave it in comments.


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