Who is Kim Kardashian and why does she have fans?

I just saw this headline on a news digest site I visit regularly:

Kardashian apologizes to fans for failed marriage

Sure, I’ve heard of Kim Kardashian. She’s someone with no skills or talent who makes money off her fame. Everything about this woman is a sham, starting with her medically enhanced breasts. Why is anyone shocked by the fact that her marriage was a sham too?

But why does she have fans? And a better question may be, who are these fans? How shallow and pathetic must one’s life be to be a fan of Kim Kardashian, the celebrity version of a tree stump? People are usually fans of other people who have, you know, accomplishments. Great athletes, talented singers, skilled actors. Being a fan of Kim Kardashian is like being a fan of a lump of coal. Okay, if you’re 12 years old you might find her life glamorous. But anyone into their teens or beyond should have far better ways to spend their time than following this woman’s life. In fact, I’ve already spent more time on her than…


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