My review of VoodooPad 5.0

I’ve written here about a great personal wiki called ConnectedText. My review of a Mac personal wiki called VoodooPad is now posted at Mac Appstorm, which you will find here. I like VoodooPad a great deal. It is easier to use than ConnectedText, but is not as powerful. If you’re bi-OS and have always longed for the ability to do away with edit mode vs. the preview mode in ConnectedText, then you should give VoodooPad a try.

4 thoughts on “My review of VoodooPad 5.0

  1. Hi Steve,
    your intro to Tinderbox was one of my starting points for my adventures with that tool. It is my go-to app these days. Since you seem to use both Tinderbox and Voodoopad and wrote a very positive and interesting review of the later I really would like to know a bit about the different scenarios. Both apps have a quite different and somehow unique approach. But I find it hard to think about what Voodoopad could do for me – except the obvious personal Wiki – that I can’t do with Tinderbox.


  2. Hi, Christian. Thank you for reading my articles.

    First I’ll just say that there is no contest: Tinderbox is a far more versatile and powerful application than VoodooPad. That doesn’t mean it is better in every way. Here are a few thoughts on why someone MIGHT choose VP over Tinderbox:

    1. VoodooPad is far easier to comprehend and “get.” The learning curve is much shallower. If you’re already using TBx then this is a moot point, probably.
    2. VoodooPad does have a nice editor, one that is far more word processor-like.
    3. Intext linking is vastly superior in VoodooPad.
    4. If you haven’t already invested in Tinderbox, VoodooPad is less expensive.
    5. VoodooPad has an iPod/iPhone and (I think) iPad version that is syncs to the computer version via dropbox…

    Those are not insignificant reasons. Nevertheless, Tinderbox is a terrific outliner and there is nothing to match the Map View in TBx.

    For the record, I bought a license for VoodooPad, but I do not use it. It just doesn’t make its way into my work flow.

    Hope that is at least a little help.

  3. Hi Steve,
    thanks for your answer! I very much share your points about the depth of Tinderbox vs. the intuitive and quick linking of VP. I can add a impression maybe:
    Having bought Voodoopad too yesterday (at 20$ it is quite cheap at the moment) and having played a little bit with it I could imagine to use it as quick way to cover less complex projects. It can directly display pdfs within a pad, linking is very quick as you said. Tinderbox will definitily stay the focus of my workflow but at times it feels too demanding for setting up something quick (and dirty). I will play around with VP a bit more.

    1. Hello, again, Christian,

      I also think that if you want an app to do a lot of writing in, VoodooPad is probably better than Tinderbox, especially with its new compiling feature. It’s nice to have that choice.

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