My review of VoodooPad 5.0

I’ve written here about a great personal wiki called ConnectedText. My review of a Mac personal wiki called VoodooPad is now posted at Mac Appstorm, which you will find here. I like VoodooPad a great deal. It is easier to use than ConnectedText, but is not as powerful. If you’re bi-OS and have always longed for the ability to do away with edit mode vs. the preview mode in ConnectedText, then you should give VoodooPad a try.

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4 thoughts on “My review of VoodooPad 5.0

  1. Christian Tagsold

    Hi Steve,
    your intro to Tinderbox was one of my starting points for my adventures with that tool. It is my go-to app these days. Since you seem to use both Tinderbox and Voodoopad and wrote a very positive and interesting review of the later I really would like to know a bit about the different scenarios. Both apps have a quite different and somehow unique approach. But I find it hard to think about what Voodoopad could do for me – except the obvious personal Wiki – that I can’t do with Tinderbox.


  2. Steve Zeoli

    Hi, Christian. Thank you for reading my articles.

    First I’ll just say that there is no contest: Tinderbox is a far more versatile and powerful application than VoodooPad. That doesn’t mean it is better in every way. Here are a few thoughts on why someone MIGHT choose VP over Tinderbox:

    1. VoodooPad is far easier to comprehend and “get.” The learning curve is much shallower. If you’re already using TBx then this is a moot point, probably.
    2. VoodooPad does have a nice editor, one that is far more word processor-like.
    3. Intext linking is vastly superior in VoodooPad.
    4. If you haven’t already invested in Tinderbox, VoodooPad is less expensive.
    5. VoodooPad has an iPod/iPhone and (I think) iPad version that is syncs to the computer version via dropbox…

    Those are not insignificant reasons. Nevertheless, Tinderbox is a terrific outliner and there is nothing to match the Map View in TBx.

    For the record, I bought a license for VoodooPad, but I do not use it. It just doesn’t make its way into my work flow.

    Hope that is at least a little help.

  3. Christian Tagsold

    Hi Steve,
    thanks for your answer! I very much share your points about the depth of Tinderbox vs. the intuitive and quick linking of VP. I can add a impression maybe:
    Having bought Voodoopad too yesterday (at 20$ it is quite cheap at the moment) and having played a little bit with it I could imagine to use it as quick way to cover less complex projects. It can directly display pdfs within a pad, linking is very quick as you said. Tinderbox will definitily stay the focus of my workflow but at times it feels too demanding for setting up something quick (and dirty). I will play around with VP a bit more.

    • Steve Zeoli

      Hello, again, Christian,

      I also think that if you want an app to do a lot of writing in, VoodooPad is probably better than Tinderbox, especially with its new compiling feature. It’s nice to have that choice.

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