5 thoughts on “Nice tutorials for Tinderbox

  1. Hi Stephen – many thanks for the Tinderbox articles & comparison to PersonalBrain. I’m totally new to this and just about to start a large project & have been weighing up which application (or possibly both) to buy. A couple of questions:
    – Any news on the seemingly very long standing promise of a PC version of Tinderbox? I’m not currently a Mac user, but love the potential Tinderbox offers (albeit with that learning curve I’d have to invest in)
    – Rookie question! If I start out using PersonalBrain, building on it’s strengths as a great warehouse for collecting data, how feasible it be for me to then get that information across into Tinderbox? From what I’ve read if I create a Thought in Personal Brain, I don’t think I can then import that across into Tinderbox as a Note, or have both apps run off the same data? Just wanted to check, I wasn’t missing something here…
    – If that’s the case given you use both apps, how do you manage your data?
    Many thanks in advance if you’re able to give me a quick steer on the above and look forward to continue reading more on Tinderbox & your other blog postings…
    Best wishes
    Ian Webster, Bristol, UK

    1. Hi, Ian,

      Thanks for reading my posts and commenting. I don’t have time this evening to respond in depth, but I’ll do so tomorrow. Thanks, again.


    2. Ian,

      No recent news about the Wndows version of Tinderbox, at least not that I’m aware of. My guess is that it is even further on the back burner, as Eastgate and Mark Bernstein are seemingly focussed on an iOS version and the next big Mac upgrade.

      I have not explored the options for moving data from TheBrain (the new name for PersonalBrain) to Tinderbox. My educated guess is that it would be difficult if not impossible except through cut and paste. But that’s not the last word on the subject. I may try to experiment a litte and see if this is, indeed, the case.

      I mostly use TheBrain at work on my Windows PC, so I really do not have any workflow that connects with Tinderbox. I don’t use Tinderbox as a primary data receptical. I mostly use Tinderbox as a place to hatch out ideas, organize my thinking. I am not using it currently as my Day Book, as I had mentioned in a post, since I began using my iPad Mini for a lot of that kind of organization. I hope this will change when the iOS version of Tinderbox becomes useable.

      I hope this is helpful. Let me know if you have any other questons.

  2. Steve -many thanks for your response. Looks like it is fair to say that we can forget about the Windows version of Tinderbox for the foreseeable future, but from reading the history that doesn’t sound surprising…
    As far as moving data from TheBrain to Tinderbox, if you have any further thoughts please post them up, but again I didn’t have any expectations. I’m going to start out with TheBrain as my primary data warehouse and explore the functionality it gives me. At a later stage I’ll maybe come back to Tinderbox to start manipulating the information and making connections, when my project will be better defined and will have evolved somewhat.
    Look forward to seeing what the iOS version of Tinderbox might do, which sounds an interesting prospect. Doubtless as I get into the project I’ll have questions, so I might well be back in touch, but in the meantime, thanks once again – the blog postings have been a real help in deciding which apps to go with.
    Many thanks

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