Dems fightin’ words (or not)

Dear President Obama,

Some time ago I had vowed that I would not vote for you, even though I personally like you. My reasons closely parallel those of Conor Friedersdorf.* But Robert Wright’s response to Friedersdorf convinced me to change my mind.

After your lackluster performance in the debate this week, I am on the verge of changing my mind yet again (and voting for the Green Party Candidate, Jill Stein). Look, I didn’t even watch the debate. But I’ve been reading about it for the past few days and by all accounts you sucked. It isn’t that Mitt out-performed you that matters to me. It’s that you left most of his lies unchallenged.

If you want my vote, you’re going to have to fight those lies, because it is those lies that harm this country. I am assuming that you had some sort of strategy in mind with how you approached the debate. You probably wanted to seem presidential or some shit like that.

But that’s not good enough. Because it isn’t just good enough for you to win. You have to CHANGE this country. And you can’t do that if you let the mythology of the right go unchallenged. I’m not voting for you just to make you feel good about yourself. I don’t care if Michelle has to go back to tending the flower boxes at your Chicago apartment or wherever it is you live when you’re not in the White House.

I want you to be a strong opponent of all that I loath about conservative, right wing philosophy. And you just really don’t seem to be that right now.

So, you’ve got a couple of more chances to change my mind yet again. Maybe your idea in debate one was trying a kind of Mohammad Ali rope-a-dope strategy, letting Mitt flail away at you in the early rounds before peppering him with jabs and upper cuts. I sure hope so.

Next round, please knock Mitt and his lying piehole into palookaville.

*You can also include your failure to make any substantive change to how business is done on Wall Street, and your failure to treat global warming as a major threat to life on earth.



  1. Dude, really? You’re not going to vote for Obama because you hate the right so much that you’re going to help them win? Jesus Christ, I thought Ralph Nader voters were irrational.

    1. Uh, no. I am not going to vote for Obama because he hasn’t earned my vote. He shouldn’t be entitled to it just because he’s not the bad guy. You know what, on many issues he has been a bad guy, at least to my sensibilities. If I cast my vote for Obama, I really am throwing it away, because Vermont is going to overwhelmingly select Obama and my vote will be meaningless. If I vote for Jill Stein, it won’t get her elected, but it will add to the volume of the noise from liberals like me who are tired of candidates who continually give lip service to our views in the campaign, then throw them over the side for expediency’s sake. And if enough liberal voters turn away from Obama, it won’t be us helping the right win, it will be Obama himself because he takes our votes for granted. (However, in truth, if I thought that would happen in Vermont, I’d probably vote for Obama.)

      1. And if enough liberal voters turn away from Obama, it won’t be us helping the right win,

        Baloney. It’ll be exactly that. You can imagine otherwise, but the result isn’t going to be that the next Democratic candidate will move more to the left, but that the next Dem candidate will even further to the right, to try and pick off folks in the middle. The result will be that you and your ilk will have helped Romney win, all so you can imagine that you *protested* something.

  2. Then I guess it doesn’t matter what Obama does as long as he isn’t the “other side.” I have to vote for him no matter what. That’s actually not democracy at all, is it?

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