A CRIMPer’s New Year Resolution List

With a new year upon me, I’ve put together my list of new year’s resolutions relating to my addiction to information management software, or what we call CRIMPing on the Outliner Software forum.

This list is one-part “how do I take advantage of my CRIMP malady to improve my productivity” and two-parts “how do I keep my CRIMP malady from destroying my productivity.”

  1. Refine and settle on my work flow. Because I have CRIMPed for much of the past decade or so, I have a long list of software already installed on my computer. Clearly I do not need all this software, yet I am still trying to find the right formula to manage the variety of information that comes my way, and for which I need access to do my job, as well as my volunteer work. I’ve got to pick a work flow and stick with it.
  2. Resist purchasing (or even downloading and trying) new software. This isn’t quite as hard as it used to be, since there is less new software being introduced than there used to be. I have no hard, empirical evidence for this. It just feels this way. In fact, it seems as if the choices may be dwindling, because so many apps that used to be part of the CRIMPer’s arsenal have become moribund. Still, there are enough temptations out there that it is important to have some self-restraint. This leads to the next resolution:
  3. Resist re-installing older software that I’ve already rejected at least once before. Maybe because of the fact that there are fewer new apps coming into the market, I’ve found myself in the past year or so convincing myself to give that old piece of software another go. That led to me buying a copy of Black Hole Organizer this past year when it was on sale, re-trying Ariadne Organizer, etc…
  4. Remove from my computer software which I’ve decided can’t help me. I resist removing software from my computer which I never use, because of sentiment and the fear that one day I would discover that in fact it IS the perfect application for the task at hand. For example, I’ve always kept a copy of PersonalKnowbase on my computer because I have affection for it. But I never use it… Still, it seems like it could be useful. No, stop that!
  5. Remember what it was like BC (before computers) to put this in perspective. I have to keep telling myself that when I was in college writing papers on an old Royal manual typewriter, how much better my life would have been just having a DOS computer with Wordstar, or a basic Windows machine with just a plain text editor/organizer like Notetab.*

This is a triply hard list to commit to, given I’ve got a Windows PC at work, a MacBook for my personal computing, and an iPad Mini. All need some software, and the more they can share data seamlessly, the better. And that, I’m sorry to say, still requires a lot of experimentation. So here’s my sixth CRIMPer’s resolution:

  • Reject the first five resolutions and wallow in CRIMPer paradise.

* Did you see that version 7 of NoteTab is now available?

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