Three cheers for the Baseball Writers

Gashouse GorillaCongratulations to the Baseball Writers Association of America for proving they are the proper gatekeepers for America’s greatest sports museum. Today they sent the message that steroid use in sports is wrong by not electing anyone* on this year’s ballot to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

I’ve heard and read a lot of blather about how awful this would be if it happened. People who object to this outcome seem to hold it against the writers, instead of placing the blame where it belongs: with the cheaters. Clean players who feel unfairly tarred by the same brush as Rafael Palmeiro, Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds, need to look in the mirror and ask themselves why they stood by and let steroid use explode in the 1990s. Why did they let the Players Association block any efforts to test for illegal PEDs? Good for Curt Schilling acknowledging this after the voting results were released.

Let there be no mistake about it. If players who everyone knows were cheating are elected to the Hall of Fame, it will legitimize PED use. The Baseball Writers have, at least for a time, said you cheat and you don’t get the ultimate prize. Sorry.

The players who cheated could solve this current dilemma very easily. Stand up like men and admit it. That would make way for the clean players. Of course, this isn’t going to happen because the cheaters were never men of integrity. They were slimy cheaters, who wanted a short-cut to greatness and riches. They got the latter. Let them do without the former, please!

*Curt Schilling and Craig Biggio deserve to get in, but they had respectable first-ballot totals, and I’m certain they will at one point in the next few years.

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