Lincoln. Great film. Small goof to correct.

Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln.
Daniel Day-Lewis as Lincoln.

We watched Lincoln on DVD last night. What a terrific film, and Daniel Day-Lewis does an amazing job of bringing that almost mythical man to life. Had he not won the Academy honor as the best actor, it would have made the Oscars completely irrelevant, instead of just mostly so.

I had one minor quibble with the film, an error of fact made when Lincoln is telling a joke (a pretty good one) about Ethan Allen. He says that Allen captured Fort Ticonderoga in 1776, when in fact Allen and Benedict Arnold led the capture in May of 1775. It is not surprising to find an error like this in a film, but what was surprising to me is that of all the little details that people pointed out as errors on IMDB, no one appears to have caught this one. The smart folks pointing out the errors know stuff like this:

In 1863, Secretary of War Edwin Stanton “commissioned” Tad Lincoln an artillery 2nd lieutenant. In the film, Tad wears the uniform of an infantry lieutenant colonel, outranking his brother, Captain Robert Lincoln, by two grades.

But they don’t know when Ticonderoga was taken. I guess that says a lot about how much we still need to educate people about the history of our Lake Champlain region. Learn more about Fort Ticonderoga here.

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