Delaney & Bonnie Together (but not for long)

On this snowy day, when school, er… I mean work is cancelled, my wife, Amy, and I are listening to classic albums. One of these is Together, by the husband-wife duo of Delaney and Bonnie Bramlett. This is such a great album, filled with wonderful songs, including two of D&B’s biggest hits, “Only You Know and I Know” and “Coming Home.” It also features a who’s who of great performers from that era. Check out the list of personnel:

Delaney Bramlett – guitar, vocals
Bonnie Bramlett – vocals
Eric Clapton – guitar, vocals
Leon Russell – piano, keyboards, vocals
Duane Allman – guitar, vocals
Dave Mason – guitar, vocals
Carl Radle – bass, vocals
John Hartford – banjo, vocals
Steve Cropper – guitar, vocals
Jim Gordon – drums, vocals
Red Rhodes – steel guitar, vocals
Jaimoe – drums, vocals
Billy Preston – keyboards, piano, vocals
Charlie Freeman – guitar, vocals
Kenny Gradney – bass, vocals
Bobby Whitlock – keyboards, vocals
Bobby Keys – saxophone, vocals
James Jamerson – bass, vocals
Jerry Jumonville – saxophone, vocals
King Curtis – saxophone, vocals
Larry Knechtel – bass, vocals
Darrell Leonard – trumpet, vocals
Jim Price – horns, vocals
Chuck Rainey – bass, vocals
Larry Savoie – trombone, vocals
Rita Coolidge – vocals
Tina Turner – vocals
Venetta Fields – vocals
Merry Clayton – vocals
Eddie Kendricks – vocals
Sam Clayton – vocals
Joe Hicks – vocals
Patrice Holloway – vocals
Tex Johnson – vocals
Clydie King – vocals
Sherlie Matthews – vocals
Gordon De Witty – vocals
Jay York – vocals

This is an overlooked classic album, one of the duo’s best (and sadly, their last, as they would divorce about the time the album was released). If you like classic rock laced with equal portions funk, R&B, and American roots rock, then this is an album you should love. Here’s a video of Coming Home featuring Eric Clapton and George Harrison.

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