Quick bullet journal update

If I needed any proof that I was really committed to bullet journaling it has come in the form of a coffee mishap. About four weeks ago I managed to knock over my cup. I caught it before too much of the dark liquid spilled, but some of it managed to splash into the back pocket of my Tom Bihn Ristretto bag, the compartment where I stashed my Moleskine bullet journal. I sopped up the wayward joe, but enough soaked into the top to give a light brown tint and a slight wave to the upper ends of the pages… you know, how books get when they’ve been wet and then dried.

Anyway, this kind of accident would have normally sent me scurrying for a new notebook and a fresh start on clean, immaculate pages. But I was not prepared to put aside the information in my journal, so instead I decided to treat the stains as part of the historical record I was keeping in the pages of my notebook, just perhaps a little more graphic than my usual scrawling. Much to my surprise, I’ve been able to ignore the damage and have continued to use my notebook as if nothing had happened. I am now fully convinced that I am now a dedicated bullet journalist!

4 thoughts on “Quick bullet journal update

  1. Are you still bullet journalling? I see from a previous post you tried it with Tinderbox and gave up. I’m trying to find someone with a decent electronic workflow as I know I won’t be carrying around a paper notebook with me but I like the idea of a bullet journal system. thx

    1. Yes, I am still bullet journaling. I’ve tried several software options, but have not found one that has stuck. One of the best possibilities is TheBrain. I hope to write about that soon.

      1. I’d be interested in hearing how that goes. Thank you for reading my blog.

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