Tinderbox 6 now available

Got an e-mail announcement today from Mark Bernstein of Eastgate Systems announcing the availability of version 6 of Tinderbox:

Tinderbox Six is the largest and most significant update, ever. Each facet of the program has been re-imagined and re-implemented: text is gorgeous, maps are beautiful, outlines are buttery smooth, and agents never make you wait while they work. There’s an entirely new view, the Attribute Browser, that you’re going to love. There’s built-in support for maps and ISBNs, for Twitter and speech and for notifications.

In fact, there’s too much news to explain it all here. There will be a new space in The Tinderbox Forum just for your Tinderbox Six Questions. We’ll be writing again next week with some highlights, but as you explore Tinderbox Six, you’ll find dozens of new features that make Tinderbox easier and more powerful to use.

I’ve been tinkering with Tinderbox 6 for the past few weeks, as I broke down to get one of the “backstage passes” that gave me early access to the new version. However, I’ve been too busy to put it to much of a test, but I hope to soon.

Meanwhile, here’s a teaser screenshot of the new interface:

Tinderbox 6 has a whole new look and way of dealing with maps and outlines.
Tinderbox 6 has a whole new look and way of dealing with maps and outlines.

You can download a demo, but as I write this the Tinderbox website does not seem to be completely updated with information about the new version. And here is a link to information about the new features.

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