Still Alive

Things I’m thinking about:

  • Crappy Red Sox season
  • Using Tinderbox more than I do
  • Wondering why they didn’t replace the actor who played Matthew on Downton Abbey instead of killing him off (the character, that is, not the actor) when the actor wanted to leave the show. Didn’t they ever watch Bewitched?
  • The hike I’m leading at Mount Independence this coming Sunday.
  • All the changes at my workplace in the last seven months.
  • What draconian new measures El Capitan will impose on my Macs?
  • El Capitan? What a stupid name! (Hope Apple’s not making a mountain out of a mole hill.)
  • Why is older science fiction so much better than the new stuff?
  • Why can’t Hollywood actually make a good science fiction movie?
  • When the mainstream media starts tarring and feathering Bernie Sanders with false accusations and innuendo, then we’ll know he’s scaring the people who own this country.
  • It’s cool that there are two new books about one of my heroes, Edward Abbey. See here and here.

I can’t believe how long it has been since my last post here. I thought I better demonstrate that I’m still alive, so this post.


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