The Climate Web – super WebBrain site

One of my commenters, Mark, referred to a WebBrain site that he has been working on called The Climate Web, built using TheBrain. A note of explanation is perhaps in order. You can buy a stand alone license for TheBrain and use it on one computer (Mac or Windows: it is cross platform). But you can also get the “Pro Combo” which gives you not only the desktop application, but also cloud service allowing you to keep your “Brains” in sync across your various computers and access them online. The online versions of your data can be private (default), or public. The Climate Web is public, of course.

Here’s an excerpt from Mark’s comment that provides more detail about the site:

Something you would be interested in is our effort to use the Brain as a knowledge management solution for an entire field, indeed one as complicated as climate change. Our Climate Web Brain is at It’s massive, serves many purposes, and we’re constantly experimenting with how to make the information more accessible to very different audiences. FYI, it contains >10,000 documents and more than 15,000 URLs, but more important is how we’re trying to use the unique capabilities of the Brain to link information together in ways that can help provide access to “actionable knowledge” that is specific to an individual user.

One excellent example of how TheBrain can help you manage your information, even in copious quantities. (Update: Please note Mark’s request for input about The Climate Web in the comments section of this post.)

FYI: Climate change is happening and is caused by man. Just to make my view clear.

2 thoughts on “The Climate Web – super WebBrain site

  1. Steve, thanks for profiling the Climate Web. Would welcome feedback and suggestions from visitors to your site that end up exploring the Climate Web, and we’re always looking for help in expanding the Climate Web (we’re happy to take advantage of student research on specific topics, for example, if they help us make the Climate Web more useful).

    BTW, because you’ve discussed TheBrain in more depth than pretty much anyone else in a Blog context, I’ve linked to all of your Brain Posts in the Climate Web, in the same section where I link to other Brain-relevant sites. The more people that understand TheBrain, the more intuitive they’ll find the Climate Web! Here’s the link directly to where your and other blogs are organized.

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